KPM Tower

Dubai - United Arab Emirates / 2009
Architecture, Private

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The project is located in the scenario of the Dubai Marina, between the sea and the artificial mirrors of Jumira Lake Tower. It centres on the architectural definition of the tower signed by Katherine Price Mondadori, which has already been the subject of considerable media attention.
The purpose has not been to build a skyscraper among skyscrapers, but an urban landmark, an assertion of the sense of belonging to the Arab world and at the same time to a cosmopolitan, innovative and unique city.
The building stands out from the consolidated building tissue, featuring a hypermodern typology which is nevertheless permeated by references to the local culture: a sense of protection from the sun, inspired by the traditional wooden grating screens, is evoked by the pattern of lights and shades on the elevations, which are massive yet transparent.
Dwellings, shops, services (gym, swimming pool, cafe, Turkish bath, doorkeeper, heliport) are attuned to a register of exclusivity and studied elegance which goes beyond a foregone opulence, featuring a new formula of participative sharing of the environment as a whole by inhabitants and managers.
In a metropolis where the car dominates, the new tower faces The Walk, one of the few extraordinary promenades of the city; in a place where the facades mirror one another, it stands out by virtue of its ability to represent itself, with an own sophisticated image, in a country where one pays little attention to the energy issue, as it is economically irrelevant, it features a shell characterized by a low environmental impact and limited management and maintenance.

ProgramResidential and commercial complex
LocationDubai - United Arab Emirates
PurchaserMarina Exclusive L.t.d.
Price€ 60,000,000
Building Surface29,800 sq.m
Volume110,000 cu.m